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Name: Hannah watt
Age: 14
Location:Spencer, indiana
A picture of you [optinal]:Image hosted by Photobucket.com
old pcture of me. i love it♥
Artist: Andy Warhol, thats about it.
Color combination: Green and purple
Band or Artists: Green day,bury your dead, weezer, as i lay dying, ying yang twins and more.
Book: A million little pieces, my friend leonard, zombie survival guide.
Do you..
Photograph? Yes
Photoshop? Some i dont have photoshop, but when i am around it i DO.
Sew? Yes, not much right now but i am more and more.
Graffiti? No, not yet.

//Short paragraph about yourself\\My name is hannah, I go to harmony high school. music is a big part of my life right now, i play drums and im learning ukulele.
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